Shipping and warranty

Shipping and warranty

The main characteristics of the subject of the contract

The date of order of a given product is when you submit your order through the webshop to the seller. Your order becomes valid if your online order is confirmed through email or telephone. This – with the exception of holidays - takes place 24/48 hours after the order has been placed.

The price

The purchase price is the gross price (including VAT) that you can find next to the product.

Methods of delivery and costs

There are several methods of delivery and payment available in our webshop. Please choose the method most suitable for you in respect of delivery and payment. If you finished shopping and you want to order the chosen product, the system instantly calculates the costs of the given delivery method and the overall price. After 2-3 days after the confirmation of the order, the customer usually receives the product.

Available shipping methods in Hungary:

-  Personal receipt (1188, Budapest, Bethlen Gábor utca 24/A, only after 19:00. For details please be informed on telephone. No shop on the company residence!

-  Courier *:
            0kg - 3kg        635Ft
            3kg - 5kg        762Ft
            5kg - 10kg      889Ft
            10kg - 20kg   1016Ft

-  Debrecen shipping (In Debrecen, zipcode: 4025-4035, above 1500Ft)

Available payment methods in Hungary:

-  Cash (in case of personal receipt and Debrecen shipping)
-  Cash on delivery (in case of courier)
                 0 - 50000Ft  +295Ft
            50001 - 100000Ft +550Ft
-  Credit card (in case of courier, via Paypal)
-  Bank transfer (in case of courier)

From other European countries:

Weight Priority mail Priority regirstered mail
0 - 20 g 572 Ft 1461 Ft
20 - 50 g 699 Ft 1588 Ft
50 - 100 g 1016 Ft 1905 Ft
0.1 kg - 0.25 kg 1588 Ft 2477 Ft
0.25 kg - 0.5 kg 2540 Ft 3429 Ft
0.5 kg - 1 kg 4255 Ft 5144 Ft
1 kg - 1.5 kg 5906 Ft 6795 Ft
1.5 kg - 2 kg 7303 Ft 8192 Ft


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